Belarusian-Italian company “Dinamo Program Brest” LLC produces clothes for sports and recreation. Working under the slogan “Always in great shape!”, The company aims at the constant development and updating.
Founded in 1959 on the basis of the “House of Industry”, the company has passed some reforms, consistently maintaining and developing its tradition. In 1999 the company was reorganized into the Belarusian-Italian joint venture “Dinamo Program Brest”.

The company team is constantly making efforts for the development of advanced technologies. In the arsenal of the enterprise, there are many specialized equipment that enables to produce a wide range of products, from insulated jackets and overalls, to clothing made of thin knitted fabric.

Choosing clothes “Dinamo Program Brest” you get:

• a wide range of products for children and adults of different materials;

• excellent quality;

• Assist in the selection of qualified models and ordering;

We are always ready to cooperate!

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