JV “Dinamo Program Brest” specializes in the production of products for sport and leisure, designed for adults and children.
The motto of our work: “It’s always in great shape!”
We offer three areas of cooperation:
• Wholesale of their own production for sports and recreation

• Production of clothes on the order.

• Development of a model for the collection of sketches, photographs and samples.


For our customers are offered the following conditions:

• shipment of production by 100% prepayment

• payment upon delivery of products

• the purchase of products with deferred payment

Providing customers with discounts formed retail price in the store “Clothes for sports and relaxation” or outbound trade is made in accordance with the order of the Director.

The store “Clothes for sports and relaxation” or exit trade to establish the following types and amounts of discounts:

– When visiting trade enterprises, markets, and others. Space – up to 20%;

– When visiting trade fairs, sales organized by Brest Regional Executive Committee and City Council – up to 100%;

– Seasonal discounts (for winter or summer clothes for Christmas and New Year and other fairs) – 10%;

– Discounts to school season (school uniforms, sportswear) – 10%;

– Discounts for holiday dates (for New Year and Christmas holidays, February 23 or March 8) – 10%;

– Discounts in the first and last hour of the store all the goods – 10%;

The decline in retail prices by reducing the size of trade allowances and the complete abolition of trade margins is made:

– On goods unsold more than 1 year – due to the complete abolition of trade allowances;

– On goods unsold more than 6 months – at the expense of the trade allowance of 50%;

– During the seasonal stocks and sales – by reducing the trade allowance of 50%.

For the subjects of the Russian Federation there are some discounts.

We work with legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

Each shipment of goods provides a complete set of documents:

– CMR, Waybill, TN;

– The invoice;

– A quality certificate.

+375 162 375 162 20-47-84 and 20-47-32 you can discuss the actual conditions of cooperation, to obtain full information on the availability of products in stock, find the optimal schedule for your commercial facility.

Comfortable in all phases of work:

– Productive negotiations;

– Mutually beneficial contracts;

– Prompt delivery of goods;

– Individual approach to each partner;

– The absence of restrictions on the parties to the purchase of goods.
Sports teams of enterprises and organizations to ensure that the front and a playful way to order.
Games form is available for football, volleyball, handball and basketball.

We develop a model for the collection of sketches, photographs and samples of the model.

The choice is yours!

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