JV “Dinamo Program Brest” Ltd. manufactures a wide range of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing: sport suits, game form, pants, shorts, sweaters, tops, jackets, overalls, insulated suits, thermal underwear.
Various types of raw materials: knitted fabrics (kulirnaya surface, interlock, footer 2-thread, 3-footer thread, fabrics, cotton, polyester, spandex containing, mixed, etc.
Structure of production includes:
-raskroyny shop
-sewing factory
-vyshivalny site
-uchastok WTO and packaging.
Production has a wide fleet of modern equipment:

– In cutting and embroidery area – Brother, SLOTH, RM, EASTMAN, ZSK, Kannegiesser et al.

– In the sewing shop – Textima, PFAFF, Juki, Brother, Onnitex, SIMAC, Pegassus, Kansai special, Singer, SHING LING et al.
In 2011, equipment was purchased for a full-color sublimation printing.
High quality, interesting design of fabrics and knitted fabrics, Computerized layout patterns, precise cut lines and modern technologies aimed at creating coziness, comfort, convenience and a sense of magic feeling.

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